Protocol for children that record high temperatures at school

One of the new protocols that have been put in place at schools for the new school year has been temperature checks upon entry at the compound. Shanika John, Health Promotion Officer at the Ministry Health has outlined the protocol that will be in place in the event that a student has a temperature of 100.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

“So what we recommend to the ministry of education is that once the temperature is done and you pick up anything and we have the markers 100.1 F and up, we ask that you place the child within a specific room or a space. An area that has been identified and has no interaction or limited interaction.” She said.

The Health Promotion Officer said that child should be placed in the room, a mask should be placed on them and have them remain in the room, in the case of younger children, it is advised that a teacher accompany the student, at a distance as to ease the child’s anxiety.

Ms. John said that the Ministry of Health will provide the schools with a list of health centers and health professional that they should contact in the event that this should happen. She went on to say that once this has been done he Ministry of Health will respond by dispatching the COVID-19 response team within that school’s district.

Upon the arrival of the Ministry of Health officials, a determination will be made as to whether further testing will need to be done on the student.

At this point, all students in that particular classroom will be asked to quarantine at home for at 24 hours, allowing for enough time for the test to be completed. Testing will be done in country.

Schools are set to reopen on 7th September, 2020 a week later than originally set date of 31st August, 2020.

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