Gonsalves Says Journalist Is NDP PRO – Working To Be Press Secretary

Journalist Kenton Chance got a sound scolding from the leader of the ULP Ralph Gonsalves at the recent ULP National Council Meeting.

Gonsalves scolding to the journalist was linked to the advice he offered the party’s Central Leeward candidate Orande Brewster.

Chance in a Facebook post had this to say, ( below is what may have triggered the rebuke by Gonsalves).

“ Dear Mr. Brewster,

I don’t know you personally. I can recall speaking to you twice: at the Sandals signing in Buccament Bay in July, and when I interviewed you yesterday.

However, if I were to advise you, I would tell you to complete your medical internship.

It would be good for you and your family, the nation and the world, if you have a career in medicine to return to after your stint in politics”.

I ask you this, Mr. Brewster: Do you think that Prime Minister Gonsalves would encourage one of his children with a degree in medicine to enter politics before completing their internship?

Gonsalves at the national council gave Chance the title of the head of  NDP public relations.

 “ Kenton Chance wrote an open letter giving advice to Brewster, He ain’t Orande family, he ain’t supporting ULP, every time you see I witness news is one set of NDP news with the same commentators traducing ULP”.

“ How dear you come to tell Brewster to stay out of politics, that Ralph would not ask any of his children to come into politics before they finish”.

Gonsalves said his son Storm replied by saying his father would say young man follow your conscience and do what you want to do.

Gonslaves said Brewster took advice from a higher power and decide to serve the people of Central Leeward.

“ Kenton, you campaigning to be press secretary to the prime minister Godwin Friday, that will never happen because Friday will not be Prime Minister of SVG” Gonsalves said.

“Don’t not Kenton Chance touch not the lords anointed” Gonsalves further added.

Gonsalves said he does not know what got into his head.

“ I have nothing against the young man, but when you put your mouth in business in that kind of way, you expect the patriarch of labour to take you on, I ain’t leaving you for nobody else” Gonsalves said.

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