Vincentian And Grenadian Charged Over 18,000 For Trafficking Drugs

Two young men, a Grenadian and a Vincentian, recently caught on a boat carrying 79 pounds of cannabis, must pay over $18,500 in fines between them for possession and trafficking.

This is in addition to the confiscation by the State of an unnamed vessel they were travelling on, valued at $17,000 ($12,000 for the boat, and $5000 for the engine).

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne sentenced Doneal Williams, a 24-year-old Grenadian, and Terrance Harry, a 26-year-old of Rose Hall on Wednesday, August 12 using the recent sentencing guidelines for drug offences formulated by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

The chief magistrate started at a fine of $50,000. However, the men pleaded guilty and this was reduced by one third. The value of the boat was taken away from the fine.

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