Mitchell Prefers Taiwan – SVG Relations, Says "NO" To China


Former leader of the NDP Sir James Mitchell says that his choice of diplomatic relations begins with the development of his own philosophy on which he built the NDP.

James says he is not into socialism but maximum development of the private sector, along with having people having the strength to enjoy their freedom.

“ Am not into people being manhandled or disabused or even having there rights being taken away”.

The NDP’s policy is currently one of switching to China as noted by the former leader Arnhim Eustace and current leader Dr Godwin Friday.

Mitchell says when china comes in it takes over everything with locals receiving bare minimal employment.

He says the African continent is beginning to realize such.

Mitchel said the US Congress and senator pass resolution in favour of Taiwan,” are we going ignore that he asked”.

When it comes to China it’s a big no from Sir James Mitchell he opined.