Kirk Da Silva Was My Choice For Candidate Says Mitchell


“Kirk Da Silva has been working, he has the ability and he brings a lot to the table”, those were the words of Sir James Mitchell ahead of the choosing of Bernard Wyllie on Thursday night.

The party which Mitchell started did not heed his advice and resurrected Wyllie who has been in the political graveyard for 22yrs.

Mitchell said on X104fm that if he had to chose he would have criteria’s, he said the non-sense of Kirk being labour is foolishness, as he started as a “labour man”.

He said the fundamental point is that we want labour voters.

“ What is the message you are sending to people that you don’t want their vote”.

After 22yrs in the political cemetery, the main opposition in SVG, the NDP,  resurrected Bernard Wyllie to contest the 2020 elections.

Wyllie was chosen by the party’s Central Committee on Thursday night, dismissing Kirk Da Silva whom party supporters chose in a primary recently.

According to NDP’s PRO Lavern King, the party followed its constitution in selecting Wyllie as its candidate for the upcoming elections.

On Thursday night, leader of the NDP Dr. Godwin Friday, said he was not certain how the public would respond to the party’s decision.

Kirk Da Silva who amassed a total of 15 votes at the primary, which took place on Tuesday 11th August, stated that he was disappointed. DaSilva told News784 that it was Dr Friday who recommended Bernard Wyllie, so he had no choice but to withdraw.

Wyllie, who was defeated in the 1998 elections by the then ULP’s candidate Giryln Miguel, will now face Jimmy Prince in Marriaqua.