Israeli police investigating alleged gang rape of a 16yro by 30 men

Police in Israel have launched an investigation into the alleged gang rape of a teen vacationing in the Red Sea resort city of Eilat.

Authorities have so far arrested two suspects, one of who claimed 30 men had sex with the 16-year-old girl, BBC News reported. The teen filed a criminal complaint Friday, but the men in custody, both 27, have denied rape.

Israel has been rocked with brutal cases of sexual assault in the last several years, but the most recent attack has left the nation reeling and searching for answers. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed all of those involved would be “brought to justice.”

“This is shocking, there is no other word. This is not only a crime against the girl, this is a crime against humanity itself that is worthy of all condemnation,” he tweeted on Thursday.

According to local media, the incident unfolded when the teen and a friend met up with a group of acquaintances in Eliat. They all reportedly drank together before heading back to a hotel, where the rape allegedly occurred.

Authorities said the victim’s friend attempted to help but could not stop the men in the end.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said his heart was with the girl while also condemning the brutal attack.

“The police investigation is still under way, but it’s important that I convey a message to those who participated or bore witness to this case or others: The only thing you’ve proven is what depravity of your soul and morality you are capable of,” he tweeted.

“To the complainant, it’s important that I say: My heart is with you, you are not alone.”

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