Columbia Could Be Plotting An Invasion To Venezuela, Expert Says

The Trump Administration could generate military actions before the November elections.

Philosopher and journalist Miguel Angel Perez Friday alerted that Colombia’s President Ivan Duque could be devising a plan to promote military aggression against Venezuela.

With Focus on Venezuela, Robert O’Brien Visits Colombia, Panama

He says that Duque is spreading fake news by accusing Venezuela of planning to buy weapons from Russia, Belarus, and Iran.

“Everything is hypothetical. Duque always says that Venezuela has the intention, that it will buy, everything is always in the future tense. There is no evidence. He is creating false positives, he is an expert doing that,” Perez said and stressed that the plan came a few days after the U.S. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien visited Colombia.

The expert said that Duque’s statements are moves to deflect attention from the political, social, and economic crisis Colombia is going through.

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