Fear of Covid explosion in T&T

COVID-19 has the potential to grow exponentially in Trinidad and Tobago, rapidly overwhelming the healthcare system.

This according to Chief Medical Officer, Roshan Parasram, who spoke to the media via a virtual conference on Wednesday. He noted that the sudden spike of COVID-19 cases has been a large number to deal with in the short space of time.

He said that while the current system is not overwhelmed, efforts are being made to flatten the curve and prevent any additional burden.
I don’t think we are at a stage at this point where we are overburdened but it is a large capacity to deal with in a short space of time and the public health measures which we put in place even at the early days and what people have been saying all over the world is that we are trying to flatten the curve.

It is to ensure that the increase in numbers does not occur to an extent that we become overwhelmed in the healthcare system.”

As we have seen in other countries, if the public health measures that were instituted on Monday morning are not adhered to, we can see 400 becoming 800, 800 becoming 1600 in a very short space of time. That is what we are trying to guard against because once you have this happening there is not where any health system can cope if you have exponential rises in numbers.

The acute rise is really indicative of a sharp epidemiological rise based on exponential increase in numbers. We need to blunt the curve now, we need to shorten that otherwise we could look at overwhelming the systems,” he said.

Trinidad Express

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