Kamla concedes defeat, accepts responsibility, but not resigning

Political Leader of the United National Congress has conceded defeat, more than a week after the general election of August 10.

This is the statement Persad-Bissessar issued this afternoon.

After some days of reflection and monitoring of the progress of the election recount process, I am satisfied that the people have spoken and that Dr. Rowley and his party shall form the new Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

I congratulate them and wish them the best.

I know that many of you are feeling a sense of disappointment with the election result.

I, too, am disappointed with the election and I accept full responsibility for the result.

I share the grave concerns expressed by many about the election irregularities and the need to strengthen the integrity of the electoral process.

We remain deeply concerned, especially since the release of correspondence relating to Trinidad and Tobago’s request for independent election observers raise more questions than answers.

I am proud of all our 39 candidates and their teams for their continued dedication to service to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

I say a heartfelt thank you to Team UNC and the 309,000 plus citizens who voted for us.

Personally, I am disappointed with the results but note that the UNC was able to achieve gains in three of the key marginal seats, which may have given us a chance at that majority, but those gains were insufficient.
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