‘Spa Water’ To Be Exported Under An NDP Government

The New Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate for West St. George Kay Bacchus-Baptiste says she has secured an investor to bottle the mineral water from the spring in Gomea, commonly known as “spa water”, a project.

Bacchus-Baptiste, speaking on Xtreme radio on Tuesday (Aug. 11) said, “I  have a donor who is willing to finance the Gomea Springwater.”

The candidate stated that a survey was done, proving the project to be possible, she said the donor is willing to put up their money to advance the project.

Bacchus-Baptiste did not specify from which country, or who the investor may be.

“The donor has the market to which the bottled water would be exported this is not a willy-nilly project.”

Bacchus-Baptise stated that there are two spa’s in the constituency and noted that the project would create employment.

By News784

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