Gibson-Velox Says NDP To Create 5000 Jobs By 2025

The New Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate for East St George Laverne Gibson-Velox says that the NDP will create some 5000 jobs by 2025.

Gibson Velox made the announcement while speaking on Xtreme Fm on Thursday morning.

The Opposition candidate said this will happen through “HOPE… Helping Our People Excel”. That’s one of the NDP’s priorities she noted.

The retired Banker says the NDP plans to focus on the creative arts industry and skilled professions, noting this as a failure of the education revolution.

“A lot of young people think that under the education revolution, they are entitled to a desk job. That’s a myth. So because of that, the people who have skills are being marginalized because they are being frowned upon. We are a developing country, we need all hands on deck to take us forward.”

Gibson-Velox said that providing job experience opportunities to skilled persons is high on her agenda, this she noted will be done through an apprenticeship programme.

When asked of the 5000 jobs projected to be created by 2025 how much would come to ESG, she responded,  “Enough, especially for vulnerable women enough.”

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