Over 3,000 Employees In SVG Their Had Salaries Cut Due To Covid-19

Over 3,000 employees have had their salaries reduced due to the pandemic due to the pandemic.

This is according to Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who made the disclosure while speaking on radio this week.

“For those directly under the NIS benefits, that is those paid by NIS, which is called the temporary unemployment benefit, there 1,302 covered under this.

And those which are paid under the Displacement Income Support Programme that’s 1,721, that’s the lot which the government finances, NIS finances the 1,302.

In total therefore; 3023 employees who have had their salaries reduced significantly by this pandemic and those are mainly in the tourism sector, the hospitality sector.”

Dr. Gonsalves says that a further 1200-1500 will be added to the list with the addition of $300 in financial support for sailors and oilrig workers.

By News784

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