Dominican Republic: Next Government To Focus On Covid-19 Crisis

President-elect Luis Abinader announced that he will visit the entire political leadership to propose solutions to the health and economic crisis caused by Covid-19.


Interviewed by El Dia newspaper, Abinader said he is conveying to his staff clear priorities that aim to attend the Covid-19 health crisis, to recover the economy and maintain macroeconomic stability. He also intends to achieve an independent justice system and to implement reforms to adapt to public administration.

Concerning the issue of the pandemic, the Dominican Republic’s President-elect referred that his government will increase the capacity to carry out tests, especially PCR’s, and to expand the intensive care units (ICU) in hospitals and the beds available in Gran Santo Domingo and the city of Santiago, which is where the highest concentration of positive cases is taking place.

During the interview, Abinader also spoke about corruption and impunity, about which he said the Public Prosecutor’s Office will act following the laws and the Constitution and will not proceed with “retaliation or vendetta,” but neither will there be a clean slate. He emphasized respect for the independent nature of that entity.

Furthermore, Abinader alluded to the upcoming school year, something that concerns many, and noted that they also have an education plan, which will be announced soon.

The Dominican Republic’s Foreign Policy was another subject in the interview. President-elect said that there would be significant reform. Still, priority will be given to preserving a special relationship between the Caribbean country and some specific nations of interest such as the United States, Haiti, Spain, Mexico, and China.

In a general overview, Abinader, who will take office on August 16, declared that he seeks a national consensus with all the country’s political leadership on all measures.

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