Evesham Methodist School Records 100 Percent Pass In The 2020 CPEA Exams

The Evesham Methodist School is one of the eighteen schools that recorded 100 percent pass in the 2020 CPEA.

This accomplishment, according to the principal Miss Damaris Martin was especially satisfying because of the many challenges some of the students faced.

She described the moment she saw that all the students had passed as a ‘hallelujah moment’ and thanked God for answered prayers.

The Grade 6 teachers, Ms. Racquel Nanton and Ms. Kayneil Henry who ensured that the students without access to the online classes were still able to access the lessons were applauded for their dedication and hard work.

All the teachers from the Kindergarten class upwards who at some point impacted on the academic life of the students were also commended for their contribution.

The top performer Maxyan Cato placed 57th for boys and 144th overall.

The top three performers for the school are Maxyan Cato, Omari Frederick and Daniel Duncan-Richardson.

The top performer Maxyan Cato placed 57th for boys and 144th overall

Omari Fredrick 2nd place

Daniel Duncan-Richardson 3rd place

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