COVID-19 – No vaccine can be expected before early 2021 – WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that researchers are making good progress on developing a coronavirus vaccine, but their first use cannot be expected until early 2021.

Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO’s emergencies programme told reporters that it was vital to “not cut corners on safety”, even if this meant slowing the vaccine’s development.

“We have to be able to look ourselves in the eyes, and we have to be able to look at our communities and ensure them that we have taken every precaution to make sure that these vaccines are safe and effective before we go giving them to general populations,” said Dr Ryan. “In order to make that happen, we can shorten that time, but realistically, it is going to be the first part of next year before we start seeing people vaccinated.”

He added that several potential vaccines were in phase 3 trials and none had failed in terms of safety or their ability to generate an immune response.

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