The Impact Of Online Learning On Students’ Sense Of Responsibility

In these trying times, more and more schools are opting for alternative forms of learning. Since students are not allowed to gather physically, schools needed to adapt. They needed to find ways in order to provide education while still allowing them to remain safe in their homes.

From this, online learning was established and is rapidly spreading across the world. More and more schools are opting for this form of education as a way to cope with the pandemic.

Online learning allows students to study and learn in the comforts of their own home. With the accessibility that the internet provides, it’s easier for more students to access education this way. There are multiple ways that this can take place.

Some opt for video conferencing in order to discuss topics. Others prefer posting slides and resources online and allow them to study at their own pace. Regardless of the methods, this new form of learning has impacted how students approach their studies.

More students are learning responsibility in their academics. Online learners are creating their own ways to be productive in their own homes. Here are a few ways online methods have impacted student responsibility for learning.


Students have come up with ingenious ways to assist themselves with their studies. Since an actual teacher or lecturer isn’t present to guide them, they look for assistance in different forms. For example, they look for help online and use services that provide essay help when they need to make an essay. This gives great help in writing an essay and allows them to feel less stress regarding their academic load. An essay helper provides great insight and overall assistance in essay writing help.

For academic papers, a lot of resources are available for paper writing help as well. Academic sources are easily searchable and accessible online that can give sources and content for struggling students.

Study Habits

Students have also created ways in order to make a concrete study plan. They do this by allocating adequate time so that they can fully digest the information they are learning. Apart from time management, they also use productivity applications to keep them focused. These apps provide a variety of services, from meditation to focus on music.

By using their own approaches in studying online, the responsibility of students increases. They are more capable of following a study flow that they created and feel more fulfilled when they are able to accomplish it. They are also less likely to stray away from a study flow that they created themselves.


Self-care is a vital aspect of online learning. Because they are away from classmates and other students, some may feel alone and lose the willpower to continue studying. When this happens, it’s important to have self-care habits that boost their mood and help them get back on track. These can manifest in many ways. For example, they can opt to watch a movie or play some games in order to get their mind off of stress. Some may even choose to take a short walk or a nap to replenish their energy. All these are valid steps in order to feel less overwhelmed by online classes.

However, too much self-care can be a detriment to productivity. Students may end up procrastinating and cramming their classes up to the last moment. When this happens, it often causes additional stress and throws them off of their established habits. Because of this, it is incredibly important to know the limits of their self-care practices and ensure that they do not exceed that.


Motivation is also an important thing that students need to have for online classes. This is a manifestation of a student’s capability to push through a difficult time and allow themselves to reach their goals. Their motivation is reliant on a number of factors. It is, firstly, the environment that they are in. A conducive learning environment is critical in maintaining motivation for a student. When a student feels as though the area they are studying in is not conducive, they are less motivated to study and be productive.

Secondly, intrinsic reasons also play a part in the motivation of a student. This is usually formed by their goals and ideals that they see manifesting when they go to school. However, it may be a bit different in online learning. Students need to find a different way to help them manifest their goals outside a school setting. This is the best way in order to fulfill the internal drive that pushes them forward.

 A Sense of Responsibility

All of the factors above contribute to how a student forms a sense of responsibility while going through online classes. How motivated they are combined with their study habits and self-care routines results in a greater sense of responsibility as they learn online.


Because they have to be accountable for themselves, it may be harder for this sense of responsibility to be cemented. However, there is a greater likelihood that they are more inclined to keep this sense of responsibility in the long run.

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