COVID-19: Venezuela Begins Radical Quarantine

(TELESUR) – Only essential sectors such as food, health, and telecommunications will operate this week.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro Monday announced the government will implement a seven-day quarantine to stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maduro explained the measure that aims to break a contagion chain that has cause a virus upsurge in several nation’s cities.

“I have full confidence in the Venezuelan family’s conscience. We will overcome this terrible pandemic,” he wrote.

As part of the quarantine, only a few essential services will be functioning. Food, health, telecommunications among others will be providing services.

The measure is part of the Venezuelan 7+7 method, a mechanism that consists of seven days of radical confinement, followed by seven days of economic activity openness.

“The ideal scenario is seven days of radical quarantine and seven days of wide and safe relaxation, to be able to pass through this pandemic and move to what has been called elsewhere as the new normality,” Maduro commented.

“In Venezuela, we must stop, control, and defeat this COVID-19 disease, to preserve the health and life of our people.”

As of Monday morning, Venezuela had reported 11,891 COVID-19 cases, 112 deaths, and 3,972 discharged patients.

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