Phillip Responds To His Brother Garvin Jackson's Endorsement Of Jimmy Prince

(NEWS784) – With the announcement by Garvin Jackson that he would support ULP’s candidate for Marriaqua Jimmy Prince in the 2020 elections, News784 reached out to Phillip Jackson, Garvin’s younger brother to get his reaction on the announcement.

Phillip Jackson earlier this month revealed that he is vying to be the NDP’s candidate for Marriaqua in the upcoming general elections.

Phillip told News784 that when the news broke about his desire to represent Marriaqua on an NDP’s ticket he went to Garvin and told him what he heard is the truth.

“ I’m throwing my hat in the ring and immediately after I said to him “sharpen your sword cause I’ll be coming swiftly, boldly and with conviction”.

“He said well come through, you know my position, I said that is why I told you to sharpen your sword”.

Phillip said like all of his siblings, he and Garvin enjoy an excellent relationship.

“We were raised by our parents to care about and work on behalf of the community. They were the best examples I know of service”.

He said as children they grew up in an atmosphere of deep discussions about various aspects of community and country development.

Though younger by many years Phillip was always toe to toe in the debates.

“I am no newcomer to these things, I applaud Garvin for his stance, as I told him very recently, my brother you go and do your very best for your team, I will be doing the very best for the people of Marriaqua”.

Phillip told News784, either way, he believes their parents would be proud of there passion for service.

“ But one thing is different, I’m vying to be the candidate, he is assisting someone else, this is not to diminish his role, it’s just to make the distinction”.

Garvin Jackson has been the chairman of Prince campaign for a number of years and part of his senior management time in the 2015 election.

Jackson told News784 that if he is selected as the candidate, he will be going hard.

“ I’m going to bring the majority of marriaqua voters along with me in a truly inclusive partnership for the development of Marriaqua, our mantra is “Marriaqua On De Move” MODeM, our platform is “Wealth Creation and Total Well-being for ALL”.

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