Gonsalves concerned about the financial situation of sailors

Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has expressed concern for the financial difficulties that sailors may be facing since being out of work and has revealed intentions to make provisions for them in the future.

“I am very concerned, very worried some hardships beginning to be felt by seafarers.

I was advised that on many of the cruise ships during the time when they were in holding operations, while they were being fed, they weren’t given a salary as such; it’s the same with some of the oil rig workers.

“So they are facing some challenges and over 1,000 of them have come home, I have to find a way to get some resources to help them in a similar manner as I’ve been helping the unemployed people” said Gonsalves while speaking on radio on Sunday.

Thousands of Vincentian seafarers have been out of work for some time due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing the suspension of cruises around the world.

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