COVID-19 Cases Soar in Latin America and the Caribbean in July

(TELESUR) – The Region’s governments informed that this area has reported so far 3,236,063 infections and 139,809 deaths.

In the first days of July, Latin America registered over 650,000 new positive COVID-19 and 23,000 deaths, which shows that the disease has accelerated significantly in the region.

Latin American and Caribbean’s governments informed that this area has so far 3,236,063 infections and 139,809 deaths.

This means that in July alone, COVID-19 had a jump of 662,140 infected patients and 23,652 new deaths in the area.

As of June 30, the region’s 32 countries had a total of 2,573,923 COVID-19 infections and 116,157 victims.

Brazil continues to be the most affected country by the pandemic in the region, and the second in the world. In the first 10 days of July, it has reported 398,786 infections and 10,804 deaths.

Peru is positioned as the second most affected country in the region and the fifth worldwide.

In the first days of July, this country has registered 34,433 new cases and 1,823 deaths.

It is followed by Chile, which ranks third in Latin America and sixth worldwide. In July, it has confirmed almost 3,000 new cases, and over 100 deaths per day.

Colombia and Argentina recorded the highest daily numbers of positive cases this week.

In July Colombia has had an increase of 41.8 percent of positive cases compared to June. Meanwhile, Argentina reached a 45.7 percent increase.

Bolivia has reported an average of 1,300 new cases every 24 hours since the beginning of July, and today has 11,988 cases.

The same occurs in the Dominican Republic, where nearly 1,000 positive diagnoses are being reported every day.

Meanwhile, Mexico has an average of 6,240 infections and 640 deaths per day.

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