"Only The Lunatic Fringe Of The NDP Will Consider Running Against The ULP"

Talk show host, Educator, Writer and Civic Activist Philbert John says several factors are currently at play in the ULP’s favour for the upcoming general elections.
In a Facebook he said the following: 
” Among the most critical are the party’s favourable record of governance; the strong support of an ever-growing base in each constituency; an attractive cadre of named candidates; the persistent unforced errors of a weakening NDP; and the stellar leadership of Dr Ralph Gonsalves.
Of some note too, is the ULP’s talent for renewing and refreshing itself. Indeed, as it approaches the electorate for the 6th time after 20 plus years, the ULP remains a highly successful and keenly competitive political force.”
John went to sate in another post that barring some dramatic or cataclysmic shift in the political landscape in this country, the Unity Labour Party (ULP) is clearly headed for an unprecedented fifth term in government whenever the next elections are called.
” Not only will the party be returned to office, but they will also do so with a substantial increase in seats and popular votes. As for the New Democratic Party (NDP), they will suffer one of its worst defeats at the polls since the party’s debut at the polls in 1979″.
John said:  ” For better or worse, Vincentians must brace themselves for another five years of ULP governance.”
On the issue of Governance John stated that Dr Gonsalves often asserts, the ULP has never promised Vincentians “perfect governance”.
” What was offered instead was “good governance”. The evidence suggests that the party has done very well in this regard. Even with a one seat majority, the ULP has been able to hold a steady ship of state amidst turbulent times.
There is no evidence of systemic corruption and the abuse of power. Political scandals have been rare and oft times contrived. In essence, the party has done a pretty good job in managing the affairs of state even as they nurture a vibrant democracy.”

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