Candidate Said Registering Officer Told Him To Leave, No Viewing Of The Process

Ben Exeter the Opposition NDP candidate for Central Leeward said he was told to leave the area used for registration of ID cards on Wednesday in Barrouallie.

In a Facebook post, Exeter notes that it is a regular practice for him to go and observe the process taking place anywhere in Central Leeward.

However, he says on Wednesday what transpired came as a shock to him. See  Exeter’s post below.

” As today is registration day for ID cards in Central Leeward, I went, as I often do, to observe the process. It was set to be held in Barrouallie today. But this time when I arrived at the Barrouallie Government School, the published venue, Mr Pierre the registering officer, insisted that I leave and offered no explanation other than that I’m “not allowed”. He has never once told me this in years of attendance at registration”.

“I asked him to point me to the law that restricts my presence and he stated that if I did not leave he would stop the registration process”.
“Having given me no legal basis, I refused to leave. After all, I was in no way disrupting the process and it is common practice that voter registration is observed by representatives of political parties. This is our right and our duty.
Faced with my refusal to leave, Mr Pierre has now abruptly shut down registration in Barrouallie”.
See Video Below ( Video credit Ben Exeter)

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