Caesar Receives Commendation From Former Econ lecturer Godson Caine On Love Box Initiative

This country’s Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Saboto Caesar,  has endorsed the commendation of former lecturer of economics – Godson Caine, regarding this island’s Love Box initiative. In a social media posting Mr. Caine noted:

“Love box is good agricultural economics and good politics! Today I had the opportunity of examining the contents of a love box and was moved to appreciate not only the contents but the science behind it.

Firstly , my knowledge of agricultural economics made me realize that the love box is a great example of income support to our farmers who would have come crashing down in this disaster and sudden stop called Covid19  pandemic.

Just think for a while that a government has shown its creativity by buying farmers’ produce at various depots and making local produce available freely to many households to help them cushion them against hunger and deprivation.

This income support mechanism is enviable and copiable.

 The income provided enables the farmers to carry on production in a way that they hardly felt ill winds of Covid19  to their bottom lines.

Secondly, many households express gratitude for the gifts. Many said, ” thank you, PM, arwe weary eat rice”. One said that the love box is so rewarding in terms of nutrition.

The only thing missing in it is the local whole fowl. Government has shown itself here to be very caring. This much -needed intervention and concern has helped those whose income stopped suddenly from falling through the cracks.

On this front, the Government’s response to Covid19  deserves a thumb-up. No wonder, there is no sense of crisis in SVG and life goes on as if  Covid19  pandemic doesn’t exist.

 Politically, people are satisfied with the management of the pandemic and now applaud the Government’s avoidance of a lockdown and we are witnessing a resurgence of economic activity.

All this augurs very well for the Government as election season is upon us. The quality of leadership and mechanisms used to safeguard our people and our sustainability down the road will redound to greater returns at the polls for the incumbent.

Take a look at the love box and marvel at its simplicity but nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. This one is for real. Three cheers to Saboto and the rest of team. Thanks”

Minister Caesar concluded, that the Love Box initiative has set a platform to address food security in this period, as we grapple with the challenges of COVID 19.

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