Bowman Outlines Plans For Marriaqua Under An NDP Government

Making Marriaqua beautiful again

We need someone in Marriaqua who can bring practical solutions to these and the other problems we face today.

Someone who can get things done. Not an academic, nor an accountant or a publicist! We need someone who knows how to get along with and develop the vast majority of people from the Marriaqua Valley, an area once called the breadbasket of SVG.

I am that person! As the representative of Marriaqua, the people of Richland Park, Mesopotamia, Carriere, La Croix, Evesham, Riley, Glenside, Mt.Pleasant, Freeland, Collins, Caruth, Hopewell, Sayers, Clifton Hill, Montaque, Cane End, Yambou, Kelburney, Akers, Dumbarton, Belmont and other villages, I am going to make that happen! We’ll be the food basket of

SVG again and we’ll improve on it significantly with value-added products.

Here are some plans that I will expand and add to later:

  1. Advocate for equal opportunities regarding jobs.
  2. Advocate for an environment and facilities that would generate jobs for our people.
  3. Encourage an environment to facilitate small and medium business development.
  4. Promote freedom of speech and putting an end to victimisation of any kind.
  5. Make businesses and public entities accountable regarding workers rights and privileges.
  6. Advocate that government service providers are accountable in delivering fair services. This includes areas such as PRYME, the YES program and NIS payments and grants etc. There must be fair treatment of everyone.
  7. Implement programs and processes to utilise our fertile lands and human resources in Marriaqua. We are going to get our unemployed back to work. We are going to restore our people’s pride and dignity!
  8. Advocate a new approach to training in our schools, colleges and affiliated tertiary institutions to prepare our young people to work on sustainable projects. For example, to give appropriate training to work using modern small farming techniques, agro-processing facilities, and maintenance of equipment and machinery etc
  9. Advocate and hopefully set up a processing factory in Marriaqua. Possibly converting one of the abandoned banana boxing plants.
  10. Advocate for the creation of a coordinating unit linking farmers to an agro-processing facility, the supermarkets and shops, and other relevant government departments to give support to establishing standards for finished products and their local, regional and international distribution etc.
  11. I am going to advocate strongly that roads, medical, sporting and educational facilities are properly maintained, at all times. They talked about NDP gouti tracks but they were much better than the promised red rat tracks. Someone said donkeys are afraid to walk on our roads now because of the potholes. LOL
  12. We are going to create a sustainable link between agriculture, improved small business services, restaurants, cafes, tour operators, hiking organizers etc. and make the airport work for all Vincentians.
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