The Race Is On In Marriaqua: Curtis Turning Up The Heat

The political landscape is heating up in St Vincent with both parties canvassing for the electorate vote.

On Sunday by way of a Facebook post, Phillip Jackson made his political aspirations known by stating that he had thrown his hat in the ring.

While doing our own investigation it was revealed that Jackson was a breath of fresh air for the NDP, however, persons were also venting to us that Curtis Bowman is still a viable candidate.

Bowman on Tuesday appeared to have turned up the heat, hitting the ground with house to house visits throughout the constituency.

Jackson commenting on a post made by Bowman today had this say:

“It is a good sign that the NDP is generating such energy and excitement in Marriaqua. This is something we should be happy for. At the end of the day we have one single objective and that is to win the general elections with Marriaqua in the bag. Very soon the NDP will get the best candidate in Marriaqua to win this. Go NDP”.

Whatever the end result, it is clear there are two main contenders battling to be the Opposition candidate in Marriaqua for the 2020 election.

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