ANTIGUA: Four Positive Cases From Hodges Bay Have Been Verified By CARPHA

(Antigua News Room) – Hodges Bay Resort owner, Jeff Wellemeyer, says the four staff who recently tested positive for Covid-19 using rapid antigen tests have now had the results officially verified by CARPHA.

Last month, the testing was done by Dr Joey  John who tested 66 staff members with four people testing positive with the virus.

However, Health Minister Molwyn Joseph marked the test results as unofficial and had them sent to CARPHA for validation.

“Well we have to maintain the integrity of our data and we will not include any data for any positive case unless it is validated by the PCR test. As you’re aware, both PAHO and WHO have given guidelines in terms of the tests they recommend  that’s used in the Caribbean. We’re maintaining the gold standard, which is the PCR test.” explained Joseph.

As of yesterday, Antigua has 70 positive cases of COVID-19; two new cases added. According to the Health Ministry, the two are among eight positive results just returned from the regional health body based in Trinidad; the other six are repeat tests from previously confirmed cases.

The Ministry of Health is yet to confirm if the four positive cases, from Hodges Bay Resort, are among the recent CARPHA results.

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