Luis Abinader Proclaims Victory in Dominican Republic Elections


(TELESUR) – If the Modern Revolutionary Party candidate maintains this trend, he could be the next president of this Caribbean Country.

With 41,16 percent of the votes counted, the Dominican Republic elections’ preliminary results show the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) candidate Luis Abinader as the possible winner of the presidency. Of the 41.16 ballots counted, Abinader received 53.27 percent of the votes.

“Although the Central Electoral Board (JCE) has not officially declared the winner, my victory is irreversible,” Abinader said during a speech Sunday night.

“I owe this victory to the Dominican people. Tonight we all won,” Abinader added.

On Sunday night, Leonel Fernandez for Fuerza del Pueblo also recognized Abinader’s victory.

“I congratulate Luis Abinader for having received the Dominican people’s majority votes,” Fernandez tweeted.

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