Gonsalves: “Not looking forward to the past” when it comes to regional travel

When it comes to air travel in the region, Prime Minister Hon. Dr Ralph Gonsalves’ is looking to the future and is giving his support to air transport that is safe, affordable and sustainable.

“I’m not looking forward to the past,” Gonsalves said yesterday.

The Vincentian prime minister said he has been in conversation with two local airlines, One Caribbean and SVG Air, who have indicated that they can help to pick up the slack as it relates to air travel.

He added that InterCaribbean, an airline which operates out of the Turks and Caicos islands have also expressed interest in having more flights in the sub-region.

And Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is also looking to expand even more into the region.

It was announced last weekend that shareholder governments of regional carrier LIAT had made the decision to go into liquidation.

While others are seemingly more interested in reviving the company under the same name, Gonsalves said other major shareholders are not interested in investing any more money into the cash strapped airline.

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