Xinjiang: US seizes 'forced labour' Chinese hair imports

(BBC) – The US has seized a shipment of human hair products from China, that it says was made by forced labour from children or prisoners.

The products came from Xinjiang in the far west of China – where it’s thought a million Muslims have been detained in “re-education” camps.

“Production of these goods constitutes a very serious human rights violation,” said US customs official Brenda Smith.

China said the “forced labour” accusation was false and malicious.

The US did not say whether the hair itself came from children or prisoners – merely that the products were made by them.

What was seized?

The products were detained by the US Customs and Border Protection at the Port of New York and New Jersey.

The goods came from a company in Xinjiang, which, the agency said, indicated “potential human right abuses of forced child labour and imprisonment”.

The products were part of 13-ton shipment of hair products worth more than $800,000 dollars.

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