More Than 1.6 M People Affected by Ongoing Floods in India

Six rivers are flowing above danger level, and it is estimated that 2,053 villages have been damaged.

Over 16 03 255 people affected and 34 deaths have been reported so far amidst floods in the region of Assam, North-East India, authorities said on Thursday.

According to information published by the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), rivers have been overflowing in the area since 20 June. As of today, six rivers are flowing above danger level, and it is estimated that 2,053 villages have been affected.

The Brahmaputra River, one of Asia´s largest, devastated over 2000 localities as the intensity of the monsoon season this year has already shaken the country with lightning that killed over 100 people and severe rainfall.

However, the worst-hit area is the district of Barpeta, where 486,709 people suffered severe damages, although authorities have opened about 163 relief camps for the over 30 000 people that were displaced by the natural disaster.

Local media outlets highlight the situation in Barpeta is critical as the villages are facing the COVID-19 pandemic as well. The region of Assam relies on plantations of tea, vegetables, and grains that feed the majority of the rural population. Nevertheless, after the flooding, most of their harvest has been washed away.

ASDMA has distributed relief packages with rice, salt, oil, and a set of sanitary products with soap and mosquito coil.

The National Disaster Management Authority issued Thursday a red warning of heavy to very heavy rainfall for the next two days.

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