Insurance is a safety net in tough times says Sagicor CEO

Castries, St. Lucia: The current pandemic has reminded everyone about the importance of having a financial cushion with which to navigate unexpected circumstances. Though most of the countries in the Eastern Caribbean and Belize appeared to have navigated  the first phase of covid-19 relatively unscathed, people are still wary of the financial implications, as each country continues to manage risk even while attempting to resume to a level of normalcy.

Donald Austin, the Chief Executive Officer of Sagicor Life (Eastern Caribbean Inc.), (SLECI), in commenting on financial uncertainty during these times, had this to say, “Periods of uncertainty and of financial difficulty are tough, but, like everything in our lives, they come and then we adapt to the changes. The key to getting through them is to use the lessons of this difficult period to learn and to plan for the next one by looking at  one’s needs and risks going forward.”

Mr. Austin, who oversees Sagicor Life’s Eastern Caribbean and Belize operations continued, “Times like these remind us  that insurance products serve the purpose to help persons cushion themselves and their families for challenges that may come along in the future. So, each building block of an insurance plan is to ensure that the impact on one’s life is greatly reduced.”

Mr. Austin emphasized further that “We only appreciate safety nets when we may need one. No one wants to hit the ground without some kind of cushion, and insurance is a safety net that holds an individual up in so many different ways that it makes sense to have it as part of your financial and risk mitigation plans.”

 PHOTO: Donald Austin, Chief Executive Officer for Sagicor Life (Eastern Caribbean) Inc.

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