Hachalu Hundessa: Unrest rages in Ethiopia as protest singer buried

(BBC) – The funeral has been held for Ethiopian singer Hachalu Hundessa as unrest over his death has spread from the Oromia region where he was seen as a hero.

Armed gangs are reported to be roaming the capital, Addis Ababa, targeting rival ethnic groups. At least 81 people have been killed in protests in Oromia since Hachalu was shot dead on Monday night.

The motive for his killing remains unclear, but the 34-year-old had said he had received death threats.

His songs focused on the rights of the country’s Oromo ethnic group and became anthems in a wave of protests that led to the downfall of the previous prime minister in 2018.

In Addis Ababa, eight people were killed in violence that included multiple bomb blasts, says BBC Ethiopia reporter Kalkidan Yibeltal.

Our reporter says ethnic and religious tensions have intensified in the aftermath of the killing.

What happened at the funeral?

“Hachalu is not dead. He will remain in my heart and the hearts of millions of Oromo people forever,” the Reuters news agency quotes his widow Santu Demisew Diro as saying at the funeral.

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