Colombia: 118 Force Members Implicated In Sexual Abuse of Minors

(TELESUR) – Today´s figures are the results of an investigation that started back in 2016

About 118 members of the military are under investigation for sexual abuse against minors Wednesday informed Colombia’s National Army Chief Commander Eduardo Zapateiro.

During an online news conference broadcasted trough the army’s Facebook account, Zapatero said that out of the 118 soldiers and army officials, 45 were fired while the remaining 73 are facing criminal and disciplinary investigations by the attorney general and procurator’s offices.

The revelations come amid accusations of sexual violence against young women by members of the army, which sparked after June 27, 2020, when seven Colombian soldiers confessed after being arrested for charges of sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl from the Embera Katio Indigenous group.

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