Groom dies two days after wedding, 15 relatives test positive for COVID-19

(NY DAILY NEWS) – A software engineer who went ahead with his wedding despite having a fever and feeling ill died two days later.

At least 15 family members who attended the June 15 nuptials in northeast India have also tested positive for COVID-19, which is also believed to be the unidentified groom’s cause of death, according to Hindustan Times.

The man’s family reportedly had his body cremated without first alerting health officials. Of the 364 people urgently tested in the village where the ceremony took place, 86 infections were confirmed.

According to the report, the ailing groom wanted to postpone the wedding, but his family convinced him to take acetaminophen and tie the knot. His widow’s health status is not known.

The ceremony took place in the Paliganj suburb of India’s ancient Patna district.

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