Vincentian students abroad will receive financial support of $1,500.00

Regular Update on COVID-19 By Minister Luke Browne

1. SVG is still currently in the position of having no active cases of COVID-19 which it achieved last Thursday, and the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment is continuing to make a concerted effort to protect public health as we move into a new stage in the management of this pandemic.

2. In-Country PCR Lab Tests for COVID-19 commenced last Wednesday as planned. Almost 150 tests have already been performed here so far.

3. The government of SVG has approved financial support in the amount of $1,500.00 to Vincentian students abroad. An estimated 600+ students are expected to benefit from this initiative and the projected to cost to the Consolidated Fund is just under $1 million. Other forms of assistance are also available to students.

4. The Ministry continues to receive strong support for the national response to COVID-19 from the local private sector and Vincentian citizens. The Bank of SVG and renowned local businessman and philanthropist Basil Charles made recent donations of personal protective equipment and other items.

5. The Ministry is also receiving support from partner countries: for example, India is giving pharmaceutical supplies and protective gear to SVG.

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