A tropical wave is affecting St Vincent

Forecast Period:  6:00 pm 30th June 2020 to 6:00 am 1st July 2020
Synopsis: A tropical wave is affecting the islands
Forecast: Generally cloudy with moderate to heavy showers and possible isolated thunderstorms
   Weather    Advisory:
Residents and motorists in areas prone to flooding and land slippage are asked to remain alert
Winds: E – ENE at 20 to 35 km/h (12 – 22 mph)
Sea Conditions: Slight to moderate in open water; easterly swells (1.0 – 2.0 m)

72 Weather Outlook

On Tuesday, a tropical wave will inch closer to the island chain resulting in occasional showers close to late afternoon. Isolated thunderstorms and light to moderate showers are likely from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning with similar conditions persisting throughout the day.

A weak ridge pattern should build across the islands by Thursday afternoon resulting in partly cloudy and breezy conditions.

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