New Zealand Quarantine Facilities in ‘Extreme Stress’: Minister


New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern requested the assessment after two women coming from the U.K. left a quarantine facility without testing for the virus.

New Zealand’s Housing Minister Megan Woods Sunday informed quarantine facilities are under extreme stress as more nationals return homeland.
“While the system was manageable under level-4 (restrictions), when there were only small numbers of New Zealanders returning home, it is now a system under stress, with arrivals increasing by 73 percent last week, compared to the beginning of April,” Woods stated.

The review commission found government resources intended for quarantine facilities support are not sufficient as returnees increase. This situation affects staff work and wellbeing.

“The team found that the system, whilst not broken, is under extreme stress and is not readily able to respond to the increasing demands being placed upon it,” the review briefs. (TELESUR)


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