WestJet to end physical distancing policy

WestJet Airlines Ltd. says it will end its seat distancing policy on board its aircraft starting July 1.

The carrier has blocked the purchase of middle seats and adjacent seats for the past few months to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

With domestic air travel starting to nudge higher, WestJet says it will revert to health recommendations from the International Air Transport Association.

The trade group called last month for an end to in-flight physical distancing rules, proposing a range of measures including some that run counter to federal government policies.

Transport Canada listed physical distancing among the “key points” in preventing the spread of the virus as part of a guide issued to the aviation industry in April.

In line with federal directives, WestJet conducts pre-boarding temperature checks and enhanced aircraft cleaning, requires masks on board and has scaled back its in-flight service.

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