St Vincent and the Grenadines Farmers’ Support Company Response To Covid-19


The Farmers’ Support Company  (FSC) remains committed to serving the farmers and fishers of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As a result the FSC has made the following available at 100% financing:

  • Purchasing of inputs at 50% discount;
  • Tractor services at 50% discount;
  • Purchasing of feeds at 50% discount;
  • Purchasing of fishing gears at 50% discount; and
  • A 7 years repayment period for the purchasing of boats valued at $70,000.00 at an interest rate of 0% from the FSC.

At this time of global disruptions in the international food supply chains every single nation on earth is impacted. Our island’s food import supply chain does not exist in isolation, neither is our food export supply chain independent of global interconnectivities and linkages.

At this moment of general global uncertainties in food distribution, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is called to redouble its efforts, as a food producing nation, targeting local consumption, intra–regional and regional export and the servicing of extra-regional markets.

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