Voters Can’t Breathe: The unraveling of APNU+AFC


By Prof. Daniel K. Gibran

The denouement of APNU+AFC’s deceptive game and the day of final reckoning are coming.

These two historic moments in Guyana’s extant history are about to burst on the political landscape like a thunderstorm from a dark and threatening cumulonimbus cloud. Showers of refreshing, long overdue and eagerly anticipated resolution, hold the promise of finally freeing this land of many waters from the strangulating chokehold of power-hungry weasels who have demonstrated their ghastly intention of not loosening their tenacious grip on the necks of Guyanese voters.

I use the term, weasel, as defined by the dictionary: deceitful and treacherous. Weasel captures the quintessential disposition of David Granger and his crew.

As a sordid group of political leaders, they constitute the greatest threat to democracy, the rule of law and public order in Guyana. Their tactic is to continue to create chaos and confusion while simultaneously sowing the seeds of doubt and practicing duplicity.

They have become the new circus clowns of caviling and niggling in a land struggling to breathe the redolent air of freedom. But the end of this long, dreary and doleful and deliberately contrived journey hastens; the end of the road is in sight. And David Granger and his motley crew of court jesters and discontented zealots will soon scamper into their dark holes like frightened rabbits when the CCJ hammer drops.

Like chaff from the rice fields of coastal Guyana, they will be blown away, never to return. They would have become anathema to the people.

But while we wait, the circus continues with more and more risible revelations. Social media platforms continue to fan the flames of doubt and duplicity with the bellows of outright mendacity and hastily concocted fairy tales.

Our country is now awash in a gargantuan deluge of Nancy stories. The latest being a third attempt at numeracy by a paid hand. His final numbers changed three times, and with each iteration, thousands of voters are disenfranchised by a few clicks of a dilapidated mouse. It was a weasel at work. No evidence supports this truculent and brazen exercise. It was outright rigging. In short, it was prestidigitation at its best.

Numbers were simply plucked from thin air and, voila, APNU+AFC win again, and again, and again. Three times a lady, but there was no lady; she turned out to be a figment of the weasel’s imagination.

So, there was a dash to the Court of Appeal, a court with a majority of two that was incapable of solving a simple arithmetical problem of short division when the No Confidence Motion dropped like a bolt from the blue in Parliament several moons ago. Long division would be too complicated. This was the Court that ruled that 33 did not constitute a majority of 65; they ruled that it should be 34.

Thirty-three formed the government, 33 passed laws and approved budgets; hence 33 can bring the government down. They complicated a simple math problem, which is so telling of the way Guyana operates. And this is precisely what Granger and his weasels have been doing for the past six months.

The social media platforms are fecund with stories about Bharrat Jagdeo. One accused him of killing 1,400 Afro-Guyanese. And with each one of them, there is a complete absence of reliable evidence to support these turgid and outlandish claims. The 2020 election saga we are witnessing in Guyana post 2nd March is not about Mr. Jagdeo.

Mr. Jagdeo is prosecuting a just cause and fighting for a fair and free election. He stands against the raging tide of deceit and treachery, a bulwark and a formidable force for electoral integrity and democratic ideals. Had he rolled over and play dead, Granger and his crew would be celebrating, well aware that they lost the Election.

In short, Mr. Jagdeo is fighting for a just and noble cause to enfranchise the many thousands of voters who were disenfranchised by a small weasel who was taking his marching orders from a bigger one.

If Mr. Jagdeo should fail it would be the death knell of democracy in Guyana for a long time. The PNC would monopolize power and deracinate the rights of Guyanese to choose their political leaders thru the ballot box as it did for over 28 years. Fair and free elections would be a “thing” of the past.

APNU+AFC’s truculent stance and masquerading circus remains a chokehold on the necks of Guyanese voters who yearn to breathe freely.

Voters want an assurance that their votes are counted, and they want to live peacefully in a democratic state where political leaders will stand for the right though the heavens fall. The Guyanese people can’t breathe right now. We want to breathe again, freely.

Daniel K. Gibran, Ph.D. (Retired). Professor of International Relations and Security Studies and Fulbright Scholar. Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN , USA

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