Brazil: Locust Cloud Prompts Phytosanitary Emergency

(TELESUR) – The Schistocerca cancellata species can travel up to 150 km per day and devastate crops.

Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry Friday declared a phytosanitary emergency due to a cloud of locusts, which is in northern Argentina and could advance towards the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, where cereal production has significant magnitudes.

Over the next year, the emergency will allow the Brazilian authorities to implement a plan for the elimination of the plague, import agricultural defenders, hire brigades to combat the insect, and take other actions to protect the agricultural areas of those states.

The Agriculture Ministry decided to begin the implementation of this plan immediately, although initially the locust cloud was expected to advance towards southern Argentina or Uruguay.

According to the weather forecasts for the southern region of Brazil, the rains and the cold make it unlikely that the insects will enter Brazilian territory.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Agriculture is already working on control measures in case the change in weather conditions favors the arrival of the plague.

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