Russia Supports the National Dialogue in Venezuela


(TELESUR) – Lavrov stressed that this Latin American nation has the strength to counter the U.S. attempts to impose the Monroe Doctrine.

Russia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Sergey Lavrov Wednesday expressed that his country appreciates the efforts that Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro is making to preserve a sovereign foreign policy and to maintain a dialogue with the political opposition.

“Venezuela is one of those states having the strength to counter attempts to impose the 19th Century Monroe Doctrine in the region. We express our solidarity with its determination to resist foreign attempts to intervene in a sovereign country’s internal affairs and to prompt a change of government,” he said.

During a meeting with Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Jorge Arreaza held in Moscow, the Russian diplomat also mentioned that his country appreciates its relationship with the South American nation.

“Venezuela is our reliable friend in both Latin America and the international arena… Our bilateral relations are moving forward in such areas as energy, industry, agriculture, high technology, pharmaceuticals, and military-technical cooperation,” Lavrov said.

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