PRYME Grants: As of June over 200 of 1500 applications have been processed

At a ceremony held on 16th June 2020 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the PRYME programme (Promoting Youth Micro Enterprise) launched its Website ( and awarded certificates to an additional 81 successful applicants for grant funding.

Of the 81 recipients, only eight were invited to the ceremony due to COVID-19 protocols.

As of June over 200 of the 1500 applications received have been processed age ranging from 18-62 from Fancy to Union Island.

Agriculture remains the leading sector followed by Auto Mechanics, Barbers, Caterers, ICT, Electricians, Garment manufacturers, Music Producers and much more.

Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves said PRYME is a great initiative to help the country rise from the effects of COVID-19.

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