TNT: 59yro man who choked woman until she lost consciousness granted bail

(CNC3) – A 59-year-old man was granted bail today when he appeared before a Magistrate on two charges – Choking with intent to render incapable of resistance, and Choking with intent to render unconsciousness.

The accused was arrested on June 20th after a report of domestic violence was made. He appeared before Magistrate GILL at the Arima Magistrates’ Court on June 22nd and the matter was postponed to July 20th.

The accused was placed on $47,000.00 bail with surety to cover both charges. There was an alternative of $65,000.00 cash bail. He was also instructed to stay 50 feet away from the alleged victim, and not to engage in any threatening or abusive behaviour towards the alleged victim.

According to police reports, it is alleged that on June 19th, around 5:30 pm, the alleged victim, a woman, was at her home with the accused when they got into an argument.

It is alleged that the accused became annoyed and he began to choke her, resulting in her losing consciousness for a brief moment. He again held onto her neck and continued choking her. On June 20th , the alleged victim made a report to Gender-Based Violence Unit ‘Northern Division’.

The alleged victim was medically examined and a medical certificate obtained on her behalf.

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