UK, France, And Germany Refuse To Endorse US Sanctions on Iran

(TELESUR) – Trump Administration wants the UN to extend a UN weapons embargo on the Persian nation.

The UK, France, and Germany Friday stated that they would not support the U.S to unilaterally push for reimposing United Nations’ sanctions against Iran.

As part of the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (CJAP), Iran is subject to a UN weapons embargo, which will expire in October. Even when the U.S withdrew from CJAP in 2018, they seek to extend it.

In case the UN Security Council does not agree to the extension, the U.S threatened to push for all sanctions the UN holds against Iran be applied.

Foreign ministers of the Three European countries (E3) released a joint statement warning that the way Donald Trump Administration wants to implement the sanctions would have harmful effects for the UN Security Council.

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