China: Over 2 Million People in Beijing Are Tested for COVID-19

(TELESUR) – In this Chinese city, activities have decreased markedly and transport services are at a minimum.

Beijing Prevention Team spokesperson Zhang Qiang Saturday reported that over 2.2 million people have been tested for COVID-19 and that 22 new cases were registered on Friday, a figure that implies a decrease from the 19 contagions detected on Thursday.

Since the outbreak began on June 11, Beijing has accumulated 205 COVID-19 cases. Nationwide, there are still 308 active cases and 6,023 people under observation.

The authorities of this Chinese city carry out COVID-19 tests on people who work in 36 types of activities and places with a high probability of transmitting the disease, including restaurants, universities, markets, shopping centers, and transportation services.

Zhang also reported that residents of 40 neighborhoods in risk areas cannot leave their homes to avoid infection. Those who have had to quarantine will only be able to leave once their coronavirus tests are negative, he added.

However, the municipal official noted that those who have not had direct contact with the Xinfadi market, where the outbreak originated, have “a very low risk” of being infected.

“There is no need for people to go for mass testing,” he said.

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