Bolivia Reaches New Infection Record as Health System Collapses

(TELESUR) – The coup-born regime has not improved health care despite having received huge resources from multilateral institutions.

Bolivia’s Health Ministry reported 977 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, bringing the total number of infections to 22,476 in a country whose death toll has reached 715 so far.

The situation is especially worrying in Santa Cruz, the most populated region of Bolivia with just over three million inhabitants, which concentrates the majority of cases (13,539) and the highest number of deaths (319).

The epidemiological situation is also worrying in Beni, where 3,773 COVID-19 cases and 171 deaths have been registered, despite the fact that this Amazon region has less than half a million inhabitants with a density of fewer than two people per square kilometer.

Their health system, however, is saturated and the Beni authorities had to declare a “state of disaster”, which allowed them to receive support from the rest of the country.

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