Thick dust haze due to dense plume of Saharan Dust to blanket SVG tonight

Thick dust haze is expected across St.Vincent and the Grenadines tonight, with poor visibility and air quality due to a dense plume of Saharan Dust… Small-craft operators and persons with respiratory concerns should be aware/exercise caution as visibility and air-quality could be significantly reduced tonight with very thick haze (PM2.5 levels near 65 µg/m3 and PM10 levels near 140 µg/ m3).

Hazy conditions with varying intensity of dust concentrations can be expected into mid-week. Meanwhile, surges in the trade-winds could push showers and isolated thunderstorms across our islands by Sunday evening into Monday morning. Weak instability and a few showers could linger late Monday into Tuesday.
Moderate to occasionally fresh (~20 – 40 km/h) east south-easterly winds could turn easterly Sunday and increase to strong (40 – 50 km/h), with direction turning east north-easterly Sunday night, as a wind-surge crosses the island chain.
Moderate sea-conditions are across our islands, with easterly swells up to 1.5 m on western coasts and up to 2.5 m on eastern coasts…Small craft-operators and sea-bathers should exercise caution for reduced visibility and above normal swells tonight.

Conditions are expected to deteriorate by Sunday evening; with gusty winds, continued poor visibility and rough sea-conditions (swells near 2.0 m on western coasts and near 3.0 m on eastern coasts of SVG)…Swell heights could start falling Tuesday, returning to moderate (1.5 – 2.5 m) sea-conditions during the afternoon.

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