Bolivia's Regime Neglects Indigenous Peoples Amid Pandemic

(BBC) – Amazon’s Indigenous communities are at high risk due to demographic and epidemiological factors.

Bolivia’s Center for Legal Studies and Social Research (CEJIS) director Miguel Vargas Wednesday said that the coup-born regime led by Jeanine Añez neglects the Amazon’s Indigenous communities during the pandemic.

“Concerning the Indigenous peoples, the Government has not given any response to the problem; in any case, it has made the situation worse”, Vargas stated.

The health situation of Yuqui people is critical and health management is almost non-existent. On June 14, the Yuqui communities reported three COVID-19 deceases and 11 deaths due to virus’ similar symptoms.

“The situation is critical in the Yuqui and Cayubaba villages, which are demographically very small. The possibility of a virus expansion and having a high number of deaths is latent and is very worrying,” the CEJIS director explained.

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