15 Years Of Desperate Cries To Have Mayreau Wharf Fixed Goes Unheard


Residents of Mayreau are yet again making a desperate plea for the main port of entry on the island to be fixed.

This is a plea that has been ongoing since Hurricane Ivan affected the islands in 2005.

According to area representative Hon Terrance Ollivierre, year after year since 2005 myself and residents have been asking, pleading, begging to have this jetty fixed.

“After pleading and waiting for it to be dealt with by the government, the people of Mayreau decided to help themselves by seeking funds and technical assistance”.

Ollivierre says they were successful in the procurement of the financing and technical assistance needed.

However, the representative stated that when repair work was to commence, it was halted immediately because the residents were told by the relevant authorities not to touch what was left of the main port of entry.

Almost all residents of Mayreau are using smaller boats to get access to land.

“It’s vital for us to have the wharf fix, as there is no airport on the island, the children and sick depend on the use of the landing platform on a regular basis”, he said.

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